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    Placing a Wholesale Order:
    Dude Girl's tees and cycling gear are produced in small quantities which are regularly re-filled every month to two months. For tees, arrival dates will be placed on the product pages once the arrival date is known. To place an order, please contact Dude Girl at orders@dudegirl.com with the requested items. 

    Options of Payment:
    For larger orders, a check must be sent to us by mail to our shop in Larkspur, CA, however, credit cards are also accepted for smaller orders. 

    Shipping Options:
    Dude Girl ships all wholesale orders through UPS Ground unless requested otherwise. We ship all orders in full (unless requested otherwise), which will be within one week of our store's shipment arrival date. 

    If there are any unanswered questions, please contact us at orders@dudegirl.com, and we will respond within one business day. 

    Thank you for carrying Dude Girl!