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    Revised on February 2nd, 2017



    Designs and materials, unless otherwise noted, that are seen, heard, or received from Dude Girl’s website is copyright, trademark and owned or licensed by Dude Girl LLC.  “Designs and materials” include, but is not limited to, text, graphics, photos, images, artwork, illustrations, logos, trademarks, blog posts, written work, and the Dude Girl website as a whole. Any reproduction, display, creatively altered from, republish, upload, distribution of Dude Girl LLC’s owned materials is expressly prohibited. Trademarks include any and all trademarks appearing on Dude Girl’s website and associated logos that are owned by Dude Girl unless otherwise stated. The use of any Dude Girl “Mark” is prohibited without Dude Girl’s permission.



    You’ve been bestowed upon you one of Dude Girl’s Gift Certificates. The doors of our store (both figuratively and literally) have been opened for you, and we are here to deliver. Our Gift Certificates are treated like cash within our doors, so treat them like your own.


    The following are the General Terms and Conditions for Dude Girl’s Gift Certificates:

    1) Dude Girl Gift Certificates are literally a paper form of money for Dude Girl’s stores. Each is catered to your specific gifting or personal needs. They cannot be replaced or refunded if lost or stolen nor can they be redeemed for physical cash.

    2) We do not collect taxes for the initial purchase of these certificates. Taxes will only be charged when the Gift Certificate is redeemed.

    3) You can purchase a Gift Certificate on our website or by calling our customer service.

    4) When the Gift Certificate is redeemed, any unused balance will be left over for future purchases.

    5) You may pay the balance of a purchase if it exceeds the amount on the Gift Certificate through cash or credit card.

    6) By purchasing, accepting or using any Gift Certificate from Dude Girl means that you accept these Terms. Dude Girl LLC has the right to update these terms at anytime.



    Dude Girl strives for speedy service and delivery. Most of our orders ship the day of or up to 2 days after their purchase depending on the day of the week purchased and holidays. Shipping is subject to change depending on rates of USPS, UPS, FedEx, and any other services requested upon purchase of an order. Shipping rates on our website are determined by weight and location of shipment.



    We want you to have Dude Girl products that feel just right, and that you love to wear and use! If you paid for your items online and are not completely satisfied with your purchase, any unused item may be returned within 30 days after receiving it for a full refund or exchange. To return or exchange an item, please e-mail us through our contact us page. Please provide your name and receipt # or code. If you do not have the receipt # or code, provide how your item was purchased and either the exact date or date range of when the item was purchased. Any items returned after 30 days of receiving them will be given store credit. On Sale Items are non-refundable. If you would like to exchange or return an on sale item, store credit will be given.



    Dude Girl LLC (“we”) are here to provide the best of services to you, and are committed to respecting and protecting your privacy. We collect your information to improve your experience on our website, and to help you with questions to the best of our abilities. Our policy below describes how we collect and use your personal information. Dude Girl is not responsible for information given to websites that we share or promote on our website as well as websites that Dude Girl does not own or manage. These website address’s include all that do not start with www.dudegirl.com.


    Your usage of “dudegirl.com” indicates that you agree to the following terms of service and privacy policy. Dude Girl LLC reserves the right to update our terms of service at any time. Changes to our policies can be viewed on this page with the revised date indicated at the top. Your continued use of our site bounds you to an agreement of such changes. 



    Prices, Reservations & Payment
    Our prices are in U.S. dollars. We charge a single supplement to individual travelers who wish to ensure that they have private rooms throughout a trip.

    To reserve your trip, we require a deposit (set differently per trip) per person. The balance of your payment is due 90 days prior to departure and is nonrefundable. To confirm your reservation, you must complete, sign and return a Traveler Information Form, and an Acknowledgement of Risk, Release and Indemnity at least 90 days prior to your trip departure.

    We are very sorry if you must cancel your reservation for a trip. Because we are a small operation, cancellations within 90 days receive no refund. As your business helps us grow, these policies will become more flexible!

    Cancellation Insurance
    We strongly recommend cancellation insurance. You are responsible for purchasing your own trip insurance, and for making sure that trip cancellations are covered under the policy you choose. You can review and purchase policies from almost 50 different insurance companies at www.insuremytrip.com. We do not endorse this web site or any of the companies listed on it.

    Cancellation by Dude Girl
    Dude Girl reserves the right to cancel any trip at any time for any reason if there are too few participants, or if the quality of the trip or the safety of travelers is judged to be compromised. In such a case, refund of payments received by Dude Girl shall constitute full settlement. Dude Girl cannot assume responsibility for any loss incurred on account of non-refundable air tickets.

    Preparing for your trip
    Our trips entail risks - and rewards - beyond those encountered at home. Our primary objective is to take the hassle out of a great travel experience. In return, we count on people to ensure they are healthy and fit; to read our pre-trip materials about clothing, training, medical requirements and culture-specific etiquette; to appreciate that in some countries, local living standards, practices, services and accommodations may differ from those in North America or Europe (often in delightful ways).

    By sending a deposit toward your trip purchase and returning your Traveler Information Form, you certify that you do not have any physical condition or disability that would create a hazard for you or other travelers and you have received all appropriate vaccinations. Please consult your doctor.

    Before travelling on a trip, we strongly recommends that you review your personal insurance and your health insurance to ensure you have coverage appropriate to meet your needs, and the needs of your family and dependants, in case of any loss of property, or accident, injury or death.

    Our trips are intentionally designed to take guests "off the beaten path" to places where facilities, infrastructure, and safety and other standards may not be sophisticated and may be different from those in a traveler's home country. Trips involve physical activity that can be demanding, depending on the condition of the traveler, as well as the risk of serious personal injury, including permanent disability and death from accident, illness or the actions or negligence of other persons. Medical facilities and services may not be easily accessible and may not be sophisticated. There are other risks associated with the trips, such as theft or loss of or damage to property. Some of the services provided in connection with the trip, including lodging, transportation, food service, and local tours and activities, are obtained from independent suppliers over whom Dude Girl has no control.

    Limitation of Liability, Release and Indemnity
    To be eligible to take a Dude Girl trip, travelers must accept these risks and assume full responsibility for any loss, injury, death or damage to them, their family or their dependants arising in connection with their participation, or the participation of their family, in the trips. Travelers must have their own insurance appropriate to their needs and the needs of their family or dependants in respect of such loss, injury, death or damage.

    Although Dude Girl endeavours to choose appropriate independent suppliers to provide services on the trips, Dude Girl has no right to control their operations and therefore makes travel arrangements for the trips on the condition that Dude Girl will not be liable for any act or omission of any independent supplier or any unrelated third party. The services provided by independent suppliers are subject to the laws of the place where the services are provided, and any conditions imposed by those suppliers. The liability of the independent suppliers may be limited by their tariffs, conditions of carriage, tickets and vouchers, and international conventions and agreements.

    Dude Girl reserves the right to decline accepting or retaining any traveler whose health or actions in Dude Girl's sole judgement impede the operation of a trip or the welfare or enjoyment of fellow travelers. In further consideration for participating in the trip, travelers agree that Dude Girl, or their designate, may use any photographic or film records of the trips for promotional and/or commercial purposes, without any remuneration to the traveler.



    Dude Girl collects information as soon as you enter the online realms of our website. Such information stored is your IP Address, country location of use, form of device being used, and time of accessing our website. Other information collected can include traffic referrer, landing pages, UTM Campaigns and product searches.


    Dude Girl also collects information given upon purchasing on our website as well as on our in-store or at-event sign up sheets. Such information includes name, address, e-mail, telephone number, channel or purchase, form of purchase, location of purchase and items purchased. Dude Girl does not store your credit card information unless requested by the customer, nor will we ever ask for this through e-mail. If you ask to be placed on our e-mail list, we collect your name, telephone number, e-mail and, if at an event or in our store, your personal interests.


    If you are purchasing Dude Girl apparel through Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest, the same information stated previously is collected and stored on Dude Girl LLC’s website for your own personal interests, gains and safety. By following us on our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest, you are agreeing to give Dude Girl access to personal information shared publicly on these third party sites. Publicly given information through social media outlets will not leave said social media sites unless requested by the customer. Pinterest Tags is a prime example of what is indicated above; Dude Girl uses this feature on Pinterest to collect information by our Pinterest users to create a more enjoyable experience on our Pinterest page. 



    We may use your information as follows:

    •  Processing orders which includes sending confirmation e-mails to give updates on personal orders.
    • Communicating with you by e-mail, telephone, text or mail to share information with you that we think is relevant.
    • Contacting you to respond to any questions or inquiries you have shared with us.
    • To improve our shopping experience through feedback by making it more enjoyable and easy.
    • To give you a personal experience to our store by letting you create an account with Dude Girl.
    • Providing constantly updating personalized information that may be used for our advertising, marketing communications, experiences inside and outside of our store and promotional offers.
    • Organizing events that we think may be an interest to you.
    • Social sharing through means of images or text.
    • To prevent, detect and investigate fraud or security breaches that are potentially prohibited or illegal.
    • To enforce these terms and policies.
    • As we see fit to be required or appropriate under applicable law as well as to respond to requests from legal authorities and to comply with legal processes.


    Personal information given to Dude Girl LLC through means of our online process, in-store or at-event sign-up, e-mail, phone, or text will not be shared with any third parties with the exception of sharing your information for shipping purposes. We will not sell or rent your personal information to anyone. Not our partners, manufacturers, or other places we work with unless requested by you.



    To receive any promotions given by Dude Girl through information on our website, by e-mail, by phone, by text or by mail, follow the guidelines set down through the message (i.e. A “Buy 2 Tees, Get 1 Free” offer only applies if there are two items in your cart that are both t-shirts).


    Dude Girl often promotes trips hosted by us and third parties on our website through our blog or actual product pages. Dude Girl is not responsible for information given for said events after you leave our website. Dude Girl can only protect information given to us.



    As stated previously in our Privacy Policy, Dude Girl is not responsible for any content or practices of websites linked to on our website. Said policies can differ from our own depending on who the website’s owner is. We will not purposefully misguide any users through our website, but if there is concern, we recommend viewing the Privacy Policy on any website accessed through our own.


    Dude Girl reserves the right through terms stated by trusted third party site analytics (such as our social media outlets or Google Analytics) to obtain information given to us on any account owned and operated by Dude Girl or obtain and evaluate usage information of our website and services. Dude Girl’s own website Privacy Policy extends to such owned accounts as much as it is allowed to improve your experiences with Dude Girl off and on our own website. We do not have control over how and what information is given and processed through these third party analytics, nor do we have control over what is privately our information to view and collect. These entities may use cookies and other tracking technology to collect information and perform their services to us. If you are purchasing products from Dude Girl off of Dude Girl’s main website and there is concern, we recommend viewing said website’s own Privacy Policy. If you do not wish to participate in our Google Analytics data collection, please use the GOOGLE ANALYTICS OPT-OUT BROWSER ADD-ON.



    To prevent the misuse, unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy and decide appropriate use of information, Dude Girl LLC uses technological, administrative and physical procedures to protect your personal information stored by us. We do our best to respect, protect, and analyze your data thoughtfully within our realms of control.


    Dude Girl is not responsible for stolen information transmitted to us through unprotected internet or wireless connections that may not be completely secure. Information sent to Dude Girl to be protected by us can be susceptible to be intercepted by others. You should be aware that certain aspects of our site and service are not confidential and are available for public viewing. Any submissions that you request to be posted publicly on our blog, product pages or any other public features of our site are not confidential and can be viewed by other users of our site. By requesting information stated by you to be shared through such forms, you consent to said publication by Dude Girl and our service providers.



    Dude Girl’s markets and audiences are not generally targeted to or intended for use by children. Dude Girl LLC is concerned about child safety and protection, and we will never knowingly request personal or identifiable information online from anyone under the age of 13. If I child under the age of 13 wishes to view our services, we recommend parental approval and guidance.



    Dude Girl does not collect your personal information unless chosen to provide it to us. If, at any time, you choose that you prefer to not receive further e-mail (except with information, products or services you request specifically), you can opt-out using our unsubscribe option generated through e-mails sent to you by Dude Girl. You may update, create, or remove your personal information from our system at any time if you have an account on our website by going to the “My Account” button at the upper right hand corner of your screen. If you wish to not be apart of information through any other forms Dude Girl may provide, you have the ability to do so by contacting us by the e-mail given at the bottom of this page.



    You, as a consumer, have the right to ask Dude Girl LLC not to process your personal information for marketing and/or promotional purposes. You can exercise this right by contacting us by e-mail or phone given at the bottom of this page.



    To request new, updated, or the removal of your personal information as well as if you have any questions or comments about our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, feel free to contact us at anytime with the below information. *Please call between our operation hours of 10AM - 5PM. If you contact us outside of these hours, please leave a voice message with your name, phone # and/or email address, and we will happily reply as quickly as possible.


    Customer Service E-mail: orders@dudegirl.com

    Office Location Phone Number: 415.690.0633