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    Dude Girl makes cycling gear and outdoor apparel that bows to the spirit of the wide-open-road. She’s the last thing you’ll take off at the night and the first thing you’ll reach for when you dress for the ride. She’s as serious about her sport as she is about her Sancerre. She’s a sister in sweat who is 100% fun-loving as soon as she’s hit her 75th mile. She’ll push you to do your best and asks herself for the same. She is fed, first and foremost, by raw, unfiltered adventure. 

    Every day she looks the wildest pony in the eye and doesn’t leave the arena until he’s eating out of her palm. That’s another way of saying she’s devoted to clarity, precision and joy — even in the middle of a raging storm. It wasn’t long into this life when she declared her middle name: Determination.

    This is what drove the original Dude Girls over the Rocky Mountain range on horseback nearly 90 years ago. Four girls. 20 head of horses. 2,000 miles. They were told they shouldn’t do it.  They couldn’t do it. That it was too dangerous. They did it anyway… and it turned out to be the trip of their lives. 

    The spirit of Dude Girl is the same one that moves us all to take the chance or take the trip. She’s the girlfriend you can count on to join you for a ride, a run or a really great meal. She’s your motivation. Your celebration. Your mirror. Your home.

    So who is Dude Girl now? You tell us. Find us on Instagram at @dudegirl1 and show us your flavor of Dude Girl. Tag your photo with #IamDudeGirl and we’ll repost.